The Republic


I was discussing the monarchy, the republic, and direct democracy with a coworker a few days ago. He’s an anarcho capitalist of sorts, myself an absolute Monarchist. We got to discussing which was a more favorable form of governing, I offered that Monarchy limits the worst and enables the best while he offered your run of the mill reasons for the free market fixing everything and establishing hierarchy without the need of a State.

Then we got to talking about the Republic. This actually has been on my mind for the past few days. Specifically that in France, year 1789, the Republic was one of the worst things imaginable. It gave power to a murderous group of people who could not run themselves, let alone a country or region. The Republic ensured that those who usurped power would be able to retain that power for a substantial amount of time. Their interests are by nature radically different from the King and the Queen, as their rule does not necessarily lie within a love of the people.

While the French Revolution was devastating to Western Civilization, if there were a true democratic, populist sort of system, the changes that it wrought would likely have slowed. Humans are a fallen people and by nature are greedy and selfish. The factory farms, cleared forests and printed money would likely stay but perhaps the moral ground we have lost wouldn’t be as extensive of a list.

When the Republic was founded in America, it was lead by mostly competent men. I know that might throw some alarms to anyone reading this seeing me say that. I do mean it – even if they were freemason heretics. The Republic was built with good intentions to ensure that the will of the people wouldn’t crush what good we had achieved here. After that generation had passed, it began an absolutely rapid decline. I mean rapid. I forget who said it, but that quote about the United States going from barbarity to decadence comes to mind. The interests of the Republic in a way are much more repulsive than that of your average citizen. Would gay marriage pass in a popular vote here in the United States at this very moment? Probably not. Would amnesty for illegal aliens pass if it were put up to a popular vote? I don’t think so. Immigration would be brought to a halt if the people had a say. The Catholic lawyers fighting a culture war in the 60’s against Jewish porn producers wouldn’t have even been a big deal. We would have just banned it. Their calls for “but muh freedom, cuz u cant be free if u cant desecrate the human body and sexual experience!!!!” would have been answered with a resounding, “No.”

My point here is that the Republic can have the best intentions for its subjects but unlike a Monarchy, eventually these people occupying the Senate and the House die and are replaced by men who have no legacy to match or honor. No family name to protect, no higher ideal to fixate upon. It is a toss up, a box of chocolates. You really never know what you are going to get with a Republic.

A government of the people was once a horrible thing to imagine, but right now it is a temporary cure for the problems we face. I look at Mr.Trump as a shining example of that. He clearly is not an answer to the problem, but he animates a truth much larger than himself. May populism be the future for now, and from it can we reclaim maybe just a little of so much we have lost.



Vatican II

Lately I’ve been thinking about Vatican II and the loss of religiosity by the public. Vatican II cannot be entirely blamed for the empty Churches, the loss of the public will be first highlighted by two major proponents, and then devolved further towards the end of this post.

These being: technology. We’re ‘progressing’ too quickly. Human civilization cannot keep up with constant changes. It is not compatible for long term sustenance of a people. Just pick up a copy of The Decline of the West… Spengler warned us!

Industrialism. We’ve created a decadent nation of workers who punch the clock 10 hours a day and see their families for the lesser of it. Quantity has replaced quality. We’re all too busy working to think about anything but work. Why would anyone want to go to Mass after dealing with daily work life? Perhaps they have to get things done around the house, or have to do things for their children that they are unable to do due to work. I am sure it is on the last of the list. Lord have mercy.

Technology and industrialism combine to form the consumer culture that denies God in favor of worldly pleasures. It doesn’t deny God, but it drowns him out in pleasure. This is what the dystopian novelists never saw coming. We are not being kept from God, we keep ourselves from Him. It is all a great plan in order to separate man from his creator. To keep busy and sedate with addictive fast food and the newest phones and televisions. We’re killing our bodies, our spirits, and our souls, this Americanism witnessed world wide by folks who would be Catholics in any other century.

It’s important to note, the public in general have not lost faith in God. Atheism will grind to a halt in the coming decades, as struggle is reintroduced into the lives of cultural Catholics. I believe we are headed for dark times, and unlike Rome or Greece, the globalized world will collapse on a scale that hasn’t been seen, as it is so entirely massive.

Man gave up on God. Catholics weren’t fervent enough. The French Revolution should have never happened. But that is time, and there is little us lay men can do about it. We are subject to it like everyone who has had the fortune of being born here. It is all hindsight. With the lack of respect to Our Lord and his established Church, we’ve elected to forego namely The Mass of All Ages and replace it with heretical slime. This heretical slime is unattractive and Lutheran at first sight. As a blogger made mention to me today, it was created to appease the Proddies. I could have guessed.

I don’t foresee a public return to the Catholic Church any time soon. We will need to recapture government, remove democracies, replace them with Monarchies, establish aristocracies, sway public opinion back towards Catholic morality, reinvigorate cultures lost to modernism. We won’t live to see the day. But our place is still as important because the fire must be kept glowing. Carry the torch, light the way against modernism. This won’t last.

Francis destroying the Church, one stanchion at a time.

On the acceptance of the divorced and the fags, our Vicar said,

“Communion alone is no solution. The solution is integration”

He doesn’t just want souls in a state of mortal sin to be accepted by us, he wants them to lead us. To where? All due respect Mr. Bergoglio, but you wouldn’t happen to be retarded, would you?

“Let us open the doors a bit more. Why can’t they be godfathers and godmothers?” Pope Francis said, dismissing the objection that they would set a poor example for the baptized.

They can’t be godfathers and godmothers because they will lead others into temptation. A child looks toward the adults in their life for guidance. I’ll use the old tried-and-true slippery slope here. If you give them the window, they will hop through it. It opens doors to all sorts of problems, extending further beyond divorce and faggotry. The moral degeneration of society can be traced back to this theory. Little by little, inch by inch, the modernists pushed and pushed. And little by little, inch by inch, they eventually achieved what amounts to miles of perversion and lewd behavior.

“We must go back and change things a bit, in terms of standards,” he said.

The first requirement of salvation is to keep the standard of the True Faith. —Pope St. Adrian II (867-872)

You’ve missed the point. Tell the Truth. If they don’t like it, oh well. Your soul, not mine. We extend our charity, beyond prayer there isn’t much more we can do. The rest is in God’s hands.

Speaking on the synod, Francis said that fag marriage never crossed his mind.

“The synod addressed the family and homosexual persons in relation to their families,” the pope said. “We have to find a way to help that father or that mother stand by their (homosexual) son or daughter. That’s what the synod addressed. That’s why someone mentioned positive factors (of same-sex unions) in the first draft. But that was just a draft.”

What a liar.

Not even a century ago, every sane, normal family in the West would turn their backs on homosexually perverted sons and daughters. Every Church would deny the divorced Communion. They knew to obey God, than to permit and condone the disgusting activities their sons and daughters engaged in, be it divorce or faggotry – or worse.

Francis needs to study his Catechism.

Kaput Mundi

December hiatus.

It appears as if I don’t have time for anything other than work. I hop on the internet to keep tabs on current events, but that’s about all the free time I am afforded. I work for UPS, and as you probably know, December is our busy season.

I will probably write a few things as time permits, but they’ll be infrequent until peak season passes. So excuse me while I play Santa Claus for millions of people in the United States and beyond.


Kaput Mundi.

Real Madrid are a bunch of faggots.

♪♪One of these things is not like the others,
One of these things just doesn’t belong,
Can you tell which thing is not like the others
By the time I finish my song?♪♪

Real Madrid has decided to drop the Cross above their crest as it offends the Middle East market and would mean a decrease in profits.

It is the Cross that has allowed them to exist. It is not just some sign that can be tossed at a moments notice, or in this case, for a deal with a sheikh from United Arab Emirates.

From kicking Muslim scum from their lands during the Reconquista, to doing just about everything we possibly could to appease them. We tip toe around our Muslim masters. This flag offends you? Sure, we’ll remove it and fine anyone who dares fly one! Cultural annihilation? Sure, why not! We are pissing on the lives of men who gave everything for European Christendom.

Domine, dirige nos!

I have seen the future

Spot on commentary of the future by the writer over at Throne and Altar.

America is dead. Long live the White Male Patriarchy!

Throne and Altar

Combine the increasingly frank contempt of our elites for the working class, their hysterical but purely symbolic moralism, and improvements to CGI…

In the future, America will be ruled by a (largely Jewish-Asian) cognitive elite nakedly exploiting their subjects.  Subject races will be kept far from the privileges and power of the elite, but whenever one of the ruling classes appears on television, he will always appear behind the avatar of a black lesbian.  The only whites shown on television will be foreign enemies, who will all be shown as looking like Vladimir Putin (regardless of their actual race and appearance).    None of this will help actual blacks, living in savage, lawless ghettos without police protection (because their benevolent rulers need to protect the blacks from racist cops, of course), but rulers will bask in the satisfaction of at last having stuck it to the white Christian patriarchy.

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Pope Francis, The Christian Slayer

Today the Pope showed just how loving and tolerant he is by praying in a Mosque. Accompanied by other Muslims, and of course with the cameras rolling, he bowed his head in “silent adoration”. To whom exactly none of us can be sure.

As global Christendom burns under the banner of Islam, Bergoglio sleeps with the enemy. He is the Christian Slayer. Why would anyone want to convert to our faith? We lay down the Truth in the face of the diabolical, satanic religion of Islam. The Vicar seems to be in cahoots with anyone who is against us. He deems the United States a promoter of State Terrorism and kisses the feet of our eternal enemy. Bergoglio, instead of crying a much needed “Deus Vult!”, hosts football matches for peace and coexistence.

Pope Francis. The Christian Slayer. Because anyone who would look at the current state of our religion without knowing too much back-story would think us incredibly passive, effeminate and weak. But as the Muslims of the past would be able to tell you, there isn’t much that can stand in the way of a united Christendom.

May God grant us what we have lost: a backbone.

As tradition dies slowly

Well, there’s only a day left until Black Friday here in the States. There is no bigger day where people spend money they do not have on things they do not need. Away from their loved ones to pursue material goods instead of a nourishing relationship with their families. Braving freezing cold, snowy weather for the next electronic high.

With these consumer drones come an even more depressing group… The employees who serve these mobs. Clad in their polo shirts and khakis. Retail employees on Black Friday in most cases are made to wake up at 3AM and earlier after a late Thanksgiving with their family. They’re called to leave the warmth of home where family and tradition begin, from which comes the point of this post. There is no longer any time to develop or sustain a tradition. The very thing this country was founded on is killing us. We are working ourselves to death. Quality has been replaced by quantity.The hard working, can do attitude of America was absolutely essential to build this nation, this I do not contest. But once the nation had been built, there was no middle, sustained point that can be seen in many other European countries upon their civilization. As the famous quote with many authors goes, “America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between.”

So my solution is this. Be with your family. Don’t go out. Comment to your family how stupid these mobs look. How lost they are. How glad you are to be with them, and not in a line at a Best Buy or Walmart. How you wouldn’t replace them for the world. Give your gratitude to God, for it is He which enables us the greatest tradition of them all. Also, purchase nothing. Pray for the poor souls who seek fulfillment from the material, and then pray for the poor souls who have to walk out on their families to serve them.

It’s hard to imagine there is a way out of this, but deliberate non participation is a start.